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Courser HSX Tour

The Mastercraft Courser HSX Tour is a premium SUV tire designed to deliver a smooth, comfortable ride, responsive handling, all-season traction with long wearing tread. The HSX Tour is offered in the most popular sizes in the SUV market.

50,000 Km Treadwear Protection Warranty

SCS Technology
Stability Control Siping utilizes 3-D sipes to stabilize tread elements providing enhanced handling in wet and dry conditions. Also, contributes to more even tread wear throughout the life of the tire.

Optimized Water Channels
Wide water channels allow water to be evacuated away from the tread area reducing the potential for hydroplaning and improve handling in adverse weather conditions.

Ventless Molding
The use of ventless molds improves the overall appearance of the Courser HSX Tour.

R-Tech Construction
R-Tech construction is sidewall construction feature that improves responsiveness in all driving conditions. The tire responds more quickly to driver input.

215/70R 16

225/70R 16

225/75R 16

235/70R 16

235/75R 16

245/70R 16

255/70R 16

265/70R 16

235/65R 17

245/65R 17

265/65R 17