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Avenger Touring LSR (T Rated)

The Avenger Touring LSR products were designed with ventless technology so they look attractive right off the shelf. The LSR has a competitive warranty, excellent performance and size coverage to accommodate most of today's original equipment requirements.

50,000 Km Treadwear Protection Limited Warranty 

Coupled Silica Tread Compound
The chemically coupled silica and carbon black compound allows for superior wet traction without sacrificing tread wear. An optimized polymer matrix allows the compound to remain pliable at lower temperatures while contributing to lower rolling resistance.

Innovative 4-Rib All-Season Tread Design
The innovative 4-rib tread design incorporates numerous features to provide for excellent stability, traction and treadwear.

185/60R 15

195/65R 15

205/60R 16

205/55R 16

215/60R 16

215/65R 16

215/55R 16

225/55R 16

235/60R 16

215/55R 17

225/45R 17

225/55R 17

225/65R 17

235/65R 17

225/60R 18

225/55R 18