Our Service

~Tyres- Wholesale

Mastercraft USA is our flagship Tyre and it is an iconic Tyre brand which has been in Sri Lanka since 2000. We are the sole Importers of Mastercraft tyres from USA. We assure you that Mastercraft is the best selling tyre in the USA. The performance and the mileage of the tyre is guaranteed by the Mastercraft manufacturer USA for running the best mileage here in Sri Lanka - 50,000 Kilometers. We are the parallel Importer of DUNLOP tyres and the sole Importer of BOTO tyres from China.

As Champion of the Independent Retailer we work alongside our customers to provide the support required to successfully compete in a retail market with number of dominant retail operators.

We also serve small businesses through our Wholesale Distribution. We have a large dealer network for retailers within this field.

~Alloy wheels Wholesale

Serving specific demographic and lifestyle groups our Alloy wheel brands - Autobox, League and All high end vehicle Alloy wheels provide a suitable framework for independent retailers to compete equally with the dominant market owned Alloy wheels and secure long-term sustainability.

~Fuel Doctor Platinum FD-47

FD-47 is a product of USA and manufactured in Thailand. Fuel Doctor Holdings, Inc. provides innovative solutions to the automotive aftermarket. The tyre Lanka Trading Company is the exclusive Importer and distributor of the Platinum FD-47, a power conditioner/fuel efficiency booster that plugs into the lighter socket/power port closest to the engine of a vehicle 24 months and older to help drivers regain lost miles per gallon (MPG) through power conditioning of the vehicle's electrical systems. Conditioned and clean power allows the vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU), fuel injection and engine timing equipment to operate more efficiently. When the vehicle’s engine runs more efficiently, it will require less fuel and produce power; reduce exhaust emissions.


The Frescura brand has written the history of Car care products and acquired leadership in over fifty years in Italy. The evolution of this product portfolio, always at the top of the market for innovation and quality, has constantly followed and at times anticipated the evolutionary needs of the motoring world, achieving great success in the sector. That winning formula, consolidated by the success of products on the Italian market, has been successfully exported to the most important foreign markets, making the Frescura brand a solid point of reference for experts in the sector. So having that renowned brand under our belt is always a plus point to us. .

~REV Car Air Fragrance

We are proud to be the sole Importer and distributor for globally renowned natural car Air fragrances in Sri Lanka. The most Innovative, elegant and discrete, safe and reasonably priced,100% made in Italy, REV Milano may be among the main products for the future in its niche, worldwide. REV may be defined the last generation of car air fresheners.

~Automotive Workshop Equipment Sector Wholesale
We are one of Sri Lanka’s largest Importers and distributors and franchise operators in the Automotive Workshop equipment market sector. We import World renowned brands of –PUMA, PEAK, BRIGHT, OMCN, Ikotec, MEGA, COMPAC, CUSTOR and G5 Automotive workshop equipment from Italy, Denmark, Brazil, Spain, Taiwan, Dubai and China.